Friday, March 31, 2017

Acid Dream- Physical Removal

I'm not sure if I've ever heard anything that has closely replicated the tone and the feel of Electric Wizard's "Dopethrone" as this album has. Not to say the riffs are lifted or anything. The riffs are dank as fuck, and are of the sinister stoner doom strain.  It's the kind of worship that I admire. Shit, I'm surprised more bands haven't tried to do the same. It's a massive and disgusting sounding tone! So when I talk about this sound, it's like the perfect blend of distortion and fuzz for bass and guitar. I'm not sure what the exact setting is or what Acid Dream used, but it sounds maxed the fuck out for sure. The vocals echo and trail, and the delivery is more of a shout rather than straight clean singing or screaming, devoid of any real melody line. I like that. I think what really blew my mind is that these dudes are from Michigan where I live. It's always a great feeling for me to discover bands from Michigan I never knew about. Well fucking done dudes!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Christworm- Suffer No More

I remember a couple of years ago I was talking to some dude about doom metal, and he was telling me he saw one of the heaviest doom/sludge metal bands play in Detroit and the band was Christworm. I immediately looked them up to see if I could listen to whatever recent release they had. At the time they only posted one song if i remember correctly, and it was a live recording from a show. Pretty much what i heard from the song backed up what the dude told me. These dudes from Baton Rouge were heavy as fuck. In fact I would definitely describe them as ultra heavy. However, time had passed and I never saw or heard anything from them. They could've broken up for all I knew. I'm not sure why I didn't just check out their Facebook.
I please to find their current release "Suffer No More" on bandcamp, and it's exactly the kind of blackened sludge/doom metal I want to hear. These dudes play super fucking low and slow. Imagine being on Willy Wonka's tunnel boat ride, but instead of going through a river of chocolate, you're moving through a river of thick ass Robitussin, and the images being projected are in black and white, and it's a bleak view of the very worst of humanity. The cover art is grim, shocking, and brutal. Just like the two songs featured on "Suffer No More". I just read they're currently working on a full length, and I'm really stoked to hear what kind of harsh tones these dudes are planning to dish out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Vile Intent- Machine Into Flesh

Vile Intent play fast and ferocious grind/power violence like a pack of rabid dogs foaming at the mouth. Songs go between blistering blasts, to slower wallops of chunky guitar crunch. The brutality and savagery of the blasts made me feel like I was caught in the crossfire of a war zone, being lit up from all sides. Fuck this whole album felt like it was the sound of dystopian war. Watching from a distance as civilization collapses, and great cities crumble. However, no distance is safe enough when you're being chased by rabid dogs, who now rule the streets. This album gave me a visceral feeling of chaos and general terror, and was overall quite enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

xDELOREANx- Alternate 1985

Clocking in at only 7 minutes, "Alternate 1985" is what you'd expect from a "Back to The Future" themed powerviolence band from Italy named xDELOREANx. It's fast, funny, features plenty of bits from the Back to The Future trilogy, and over before you know it. So I would definitely recommending following this up with their 2015 release "Hill Valley Powerviolence" to compliment the listening experience. That one is under 6 minutes. As far as their sound goes, these dudes seem to be coming from the Spazz school of powerviolence. That being said I really love Spazz, and I really love this, and what the world really needs right now are more bands that don't give a fuck and make music based around a cult movie franchise.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Alastor- Black Magic (2017)

Hailing from Sweden, Alastor play heavy occult/doom rock possessed by evil spirits covered in bong resin. As the weed smoke continues throughout, the three tracks on "Black Magic" take you on long dark decent (only one song on here is under ten minutes) straight to hell. It's a slow burn, but the tunes are catchy as fuck. The grooves are captivating enough to keep you locked in at all times, with the guitar's wall of fuzz and the lead singer's hazy ghost trail vocals. Since hearing the single "Black Magic" I had been anticipating the rest, not sure what to expect from the other two tunes. Everything on here flows fluidly, even if it's at a crawl in the dankest canoe on the River Styx. Just make sure you don't forget to get out your Ouija Board and bong while listening to this, because you never know what kind of evil shit is going to be drawn to this album. Cheers!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Kinglord Interview

So for the first interview for SDMJ, I caught up with the dudes from Kinglord, whose recent EP was of the first things I reviewed for the blog. Formed in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, the band consists of Lukas Palo on Vocals/Synth, Samuel Hulqvist on Guitar, Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt on Bass, and Maxim Belevich on Drums. They fucking rule as well. I think what sets these dudes apart from the rest in the doom genre is their mixture of ultra heavy detuned guitars combined with clean vocals and spacey weird almost new wave-esque synth sounds. It's catchy and addictive, and since i'm so intrigued by it, I wanted to talk to them!

Super Dank Metal Jams: How did you dudes come about?
Kinglord: Lukas and Samuel were rehearsing with their other band and Lukas found this ultra cool fuzzy distorted sound on a microkorg and started playing a riff. They loved it so much they went to Samuel's mom's place and hooked the synth up to some shitty computer speakers and wrote the song that would become "Judas Priest". Once we found that combo of the synth and the 8 string guitar, we started writing tons of riffs and recording rough demos. Against all odds we got a gig at the stone club Sweet Leaf in Stockholm opening for Spelljammer and were forced to put together a band and a name. After the gig the engineer was so fucking blown away he asked to record our debut EP. When the recording was done we recruited crazy Belarusian drummer Maxim and secured our Stoner/Doom authenticity with Mattias (of Kung Funghi and Oarfish) on bass for a more solid line-up in time for the release gig.

SDMJ: What prompted you to use an 8 string guitar and are the bass and the guitar in the same tunning?
KL: We're actually a synth band. All riffs are made using synth. So the reason we have an eight string is just to be able to play the same riffs as the synth. The guitar is tuned to F# standard and the bass is tuned to B standard.

SDMJ: What music influences you as a band?
KL: Black Sabbath, Ultravox, and Iron Maiden.

SDMJ: What is your favorite Sabbath Album/Sabbath riff?
KL: Master of Reality, and the best riff is easily the lead riff to Sweet Leaf.

SDMJ: Who are some current bands you look up to?
KL: We each have very broad influences but we don't look up to anyone. Some bands have a very cool sound though like Conan and Bongripper.

SDMJ: You're from Stockholm, Sweden so what's the music scene is like there?
KL: The music scene is pretty great. There are a lot of places to gig but there are just too many bands, you know the ones that just bought a Big Muff and a Les Paul and start riffing.

SDMJ: Are there still a lot of bands using the Boss HM-2 pedal, or are people switching over to Les Pauls and Big Muffs?
KL: Man we have no what the kids are doing nowadays. We just crank our Orange to the max. Les Pauls are ugly though.

SDMJ: Name some cool bands people check out from Stockholm.
KL: The music scene in Stockholm is pretty great in general, regardless of your taste in music. But our bassist is also playing in Kung Funghi, another up and coming smoking hot stoner band. Other bands well, we're getting old and we don't know...

SDMJ: How often do you gig? Are you weekend warriors or do you have some tours planned?
KL: As of now we're weekend warriors since our debut album was released last December. But during our short existence we've had some really great gigs like the grand opening for the stoner/doom festival Krokbacken in Sweden last year. We're also having talks about touring with other bands that we like. Let's just say you'll be hearing and seeing a lot more from Kinglord in the days to come.

SDMJ: What are the best places to gig in Stockholm?
KL: Depends on what kind of venue you like to play, but the most trve stoner/doom club in Stockholm is Sweet Leaf, run by the Stockholm Legend Fredrik Svensson Home. It's in a small, classic bar called Copperfields, the sound is great and the people who come and listen are trve fans of the genre. Then of course there's larger venues like e.g Nalen and a couple of Iron Maiden and Linkin Biscuit compatible arenas.

SDMJ: Any plans for a full length or future EPs in the near future?
KL: Yes! For starters, we're planning to record and release two new EPs this year and they will be brutal. Enough said.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Feral Chaos- S/T (2017)

Feral Chaos a are furious pack of wolves from Finland playing relentless grindcore with that HM-2 sound. They kinda reminded me of Rotten Sound, but not because they're also from Finland. I can just kinda hear it in there. Either way, it fucking rules! These dudes blast, rip and tear through these 8 tracks like they're all ravenous and they found some pray hiding in the woods. When these dudes get the chance to slow down their grooves are tight as fuck, and when using the Boss HM-2 it's fucking sick. People dog on the pedal, but I don't care it's such a sickening fucking sound. Also these dudes boast on their bandcamp page that they consumed 696 cans and 8 bottles of beer during the recording of this. A mighty feat of endurance and strength! Hope your livers are all doing ok! Cheers!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Telekinetic Yeti- Abominable (2017)

"Stoned and Feathered" was a pretty fucking awesome tune when it came out and I reviewed it. "Abominable" is pretty fucking awesome album as a whole. So rejoice and bow to the new doom lords! Telekinetic Yeti is like a combination of Black Cobra and Beast In The Field with ZZ Top beards when they're at their heaviest. Just head bobbin' catchy as fuck Stoner Sludge Metal. If you're gonna be a duo, you better be loud as fuck, and these guys definitely a pair of angry beasts. Like the band's name suggest, their sound is big, furry, and feral, and can easily destroy you with its own mind if it felt like it. Then there's those chill moments that are kinda psychedelic. Some of the songs are instrumentals as well. A kind of spectrum of different sub genres but not all over the place. I really dug the solos on this album as well. Overall, Telekinetic Yeti are not run of the mill, and stand out as being something to look out for in 2017 and beyond.

Metal Sucks currently has the full stream right here. However this thing drops tomorrow, so i'm sure it'll be on their bandcamp as well. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cryptic Brood- Brain Eater (2017)

After having only heard "A Box Full of Bones" off of "Brain Eater" a while back, my thirst for slimy sludgy death/doom could not be quenched. But now, after listening to the full album, I can say it was worth the wait! Nothing stoner about this fucking doom metal! This monstrosity oozes of bile and rots of putrid flesh, as if birthed in a dank dungeon with no light. If the members of Autopsy, Hellhammer, and Asphyx were chopped up and then put into a blender, the mushy meaty results would be Cryptic Brood. They have a bowel dropping low end that slowly slithers along at moments, while at other times quickly catching up to you to bash you over the fucking head with brute force. Everything and anything you could ever want from a Death Doom band pretty much equals Cryptic Brood. Their music is contagious like flesh eating bacteria. Chew on my friends! Cheers!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hymn- Perish (2017)

These two dudes from Norway play some killer fucking Doom Metal. For what they lack in members, these guys make up for in their sound. Heavy winds of mammoth riffs, strong enough to move mountains, blast from their wall of amplifiers. These dudes sound pissed as well. Kind of remind me of the band Kongh, but definitely more aggressive for sure. I'm also enjoying this current of trend of including blast beats in doom metal, which come off as less grindy on this and more blackened. Overall terrific fucking album. If southern fried stoner doom is getting old for you, and you would prefer your doom to be thick and sludgy, this is gonna be your jam! Bleak as fuck and my ears are totally satisfied! Cheers!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bruja- Decolonize (2017)

This shit is raw as fuck. It's like Hellhammer meets Sepultura's "Bestial Devastation" album, all with the same sound quality. So if you're into that early black metal meets d-beat sound, this bud is for you. "Decolonize" has it's blistering moments of thrash, death, and crust, with some ripping solos peppered in there as well. Seriously this thing is a rager from front to back. It's full of energy, and just sounds straight up gnarly as fuck. Congrats on achieving that guitar/bass tone during the recording. I want to know what kind of gear you use! Cheers!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Bone Folder- Hell.Ride.Death.Cult (2017)

Bone Folder play fast and furious old school hardcore punk from Toledo, OH. Self described as Apocalyptic Death Punk, these death punks are definitely playing punk tunes for the Mad Max post apocalyptic wasteland crowd.  Hell.Ride.Death.Cult explodes, thrashes, and smashes it's way through five blistering songs, before you're left with just the ashes of the devastation and ruins left in its wake. Highly recommended! Definitely looking forward to more from these dudes in the future! Keep making more pissed off music! Cheers!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shit Life- Graveshitter (2017)

Pure Fucking Michigan Grind! The front cover of "Graveshitter" is the aural equivalent of how this sounds, and perfectly represents this album. Imagine being at an outdoor metal fest and witnessing a monster truck driven by the band into a crowd of unknowing moshers, doing donuts on their brains, blood and guts. I'm pretty sure they're blasting this album in their truck, making it the official soundtrack for their carnage. 
Overall this album fucking rips! It's fierce as fuck and relentless from front to back, and before you know it, it's time to play the whole fucking thing over again. Definitely one of my favorites thus far from 2017. These dudes fucking rule, and you should do yourself a favor and listen to "Graveshitter" as well! Cheers!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dealer- Billionaire Boys Club (2017)

Dealer sounds like they came from the late 80s/early 90s, and they are a post punk apocalyptic force to be reckoned with. They combine everything I love about Amphetamine Reptile Noise Rock, Grunge, Crossover, and Melvinsesque Sludge. It's almost as if you grabbed people from all of those genres, formed a super group, and Dealer along with this killer album were the end result.
I reviewed "AM Gold" (their first single from Billionaire Boys Club) not too long ago, and it was definitely a satisfying Sludge/Noise Rock morsel to chew on while I waited to devour the rest. This is seriously one of my favorite albums of the year thus far, and I could be this on repeat and not get bored or burned out from it. There's definitely a new wave of noise rock bands coming, and while we'll have to wade through the piss and shit, there's pure rippers like this album, which show Dealer is destined for greatness, and is severely underrated.