Thursday, March 16, 2017

Telekinetic Yeti- Abominable (2017)

"Stoned and Feathered" was a pretty fucking awesome tune when it came out and I reviewed it. "Abominable" is pretty fucking awesome album as a whole. So rejoice and bow to the new doom lords! Telekinetic Yeti is like a combination of Black Cobra and Beast In The Field with ZZ Top beards when they're at their heaviest. Just head bobbin' catchy as fuck Stoner Sludge Metal. If you're gonna be a duo, you better be loud as fuck, and these guys definitely a pair of angry beasts. Like the band's name suggest, their sound is big, furry, and feral, and can easily destroy you with its own mind if it felt like it. Then there's those chill moments that are kinda psychedelic. Some of the songs are instrumentals as well. A kind of spectrum of different sub genres but not all over the place. I really dug the solos on this album as well. Overall, Telekinetic Yeti are not run of the mill, and stand out as being something to look out for in 2017 and beyond.

Metal Sucks currently has the full stream right here. However this thing drops tomorrow, so i'm sure it'll be on their bandcamp as well. Cheers!

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