Thursday, January 11, 2018

Humanity Is A Curse - Raging For A Lighthouse (2018)

Germany has their answer to His Hero Is Gone, and it's Humanity Is A Curse. Their brand of Blackened Crust/Sludge is the type of dark shit I need right now to get me in the right mindset, to experience the inevitable shit show of world events that will likely unfold in 2018.  These dudes d-beat their way through 8 tracks with a fervent wrath, and deliver a walloping blow like a fist with brass knuckles pounding on an already bloodied and bruised faced. With raw animosity, and grimy sounding riffs, HIAC have crafted a metallic rage filled release that will definitely have you banging your head in a euphoric fury to their miserable gaze.
The songs are definitely catchy and memorable, without seeming too repetitive. Each song has its main hook, that makes it distinct from the others, which also adds to the reasons at least for me, why this album is worth remembering. These riffs are pretty fucking sick. The mix on this is pretty solid, as all instruments come through clear. The guitars have a nasty tone, and the bass is super distorted which is par for the course. The sludge aspect really kicks in when these dudes slow down, but it can also be heard during the flurries of black metal-esque blasts that are speckled here and there throughout this release. I'm really digging the vocals. It has the right amount of gravel and anguish, that pushes the intensity on this. Everyone is doing a great job sounding pissed as fuck while playing their instruments.
So while these dudes worship at the alter of you know who, don't hold it against them. These guys are definitely well suited to carry the torch, and they do so burning everything in their way. Highly recommended for sure! Check it out! Cheers! -Samir

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