Friday, January 5, 2018

Deltastealth - Metagun (2017)

So I kinda stumbled upon this one, just browsing shit on YouTube, and I saw that it had Stoner, Doom, Sludge in the title so I was like wow, not sure how I missed this one, because never seen it before. So two things stood out to me before I even started playing this. First the description read "So it IS possible to create an album from scratch in 6 hours when you can't even play guitar... lol", and then second there is the comment left by the uploader "it was made in 6 hours as a joke dude :p". So I thought to myself "LOL, oh boy, I'm not sure what I'm getting into here". I was actually pleasantly surprised. 
Deltastealth (whose name could've been easily made using the Stoner Rock Band Name Generator on, definitely fucking rule! Now while it does have the characteristics of something that may or may not have been churned out in 6 hours (mainly the meandering train of thought riffs, continuous droning, and the above comments made on the YouTube page), this is still a massive slab of thick ass Sludge Doom. Granted there are times in which the guitars sound like a muffled mess due to a lot of the drones, it is by no means sloppy in any respect. The guitar, bass, and drums are definitely a solid sludge/doom rock formation. The guitar tone on this release is gnarly as fuck. It's thick like molasses but has the hiss of a thousand bees. The drums are pretty tight as well. As far as the bass goes, I know it's there in the mix at times, but the guitar is so fucking detuned I'm not sure if really matters. There's loads of feedback on this fucker as well. 
So while this appears to be a joke, mocking the complexity (or lack of) within the genre, maybe the people behind this have a good point,but at the same time I'm not here to point fingers. I will say that I did enjoy this, while others may find this a challenge, and question its very existence. The people behind may have downplayed their sincerity, but I still think it's more than just a joke. Cheers! -Samir

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