Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flesh Relic - Silent World (2018)

In Chicago, a secret ritual is underway. Combining witchcraft, alchemy, and science one man brings a formidable sound to life. Flesh Relic is a project masterminded by Edward Nudd of Cokegoat (another great band that you should investigate if you aren't already familiar with them) and "Silent World" is the fifth EP under the Flesh Relic banner. This release uses layers of sound, smoothed together with synth to create a slice of progressive doom that slithers out of the darkness and into the obscure recesses in your mind. It evokes this kind of Pallbearer meets Opeth feel - not too similar to either band, but it strikes at the same nerves and draws out the same sensations. All four tracks on this album come through clear while the guitars and gentle synthwork generate this white fog of atmosphere that permeates the room and seeps into your soul. Meanwhile the vocals mix whispered growls and clean, deep melodies, with both styles breathing dark thoughts and themes into your mind and breeding shadow and doubt within you. It's only about 20 minutes in total, but that should be enough to let the EP's misty aura envelope you and get you hooked on the sound. I definitely dig it - I'm going to be watching for more and digging through the earlier releases in the meantime! -Brandon

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