Thursday, September 14, 2017

Talsur - Offertorium (2017)

Tucked away in a shadowy, forlorn corner of Russia is a one-man doom band by the name of Talsur. Since the project's inception in late 2015, Talsur has put out several albums exploring different subgenres of doom metal and every single one of them is absolutely killer. The most recent release is an EP entitled "Offertorium", a magnificent EP that delves into gothic death-doom in the style of Paradise Lost. You can think of this one as beauty and the beast. There's an air of sophistication in everything that you hear, but beneath that veneer is a snarling monster that could snap your neck and drain your blood if it chose to. The songs on this album are slow and elegant, featuring acoustic guitars, strings, and keyboards that intertwine with melancholic metal. The first two tracks build gradually before bursting with rage and lamentations, where as the last two seem to stew in a dark romanticism. Vocally, it's a mix of low, gothic style singing and vicious death growls, both of which fit perfectly with the sound. Even in its violent moments, there's a deep sorrow that runs through this release and that sorrow produces some painfully haunting, beautiful melodies. Fans of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, or anything in that vein have got to hear this. Allegedly, Talsur's next album is due to come out soon and I can't wait! -Brandon

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