Thursday, September 28, 2017

Womb - Devotion To The Sea (2017)

WOMB - They were born out of the murky waters of Seville, Spain in order to deliver a ghastly form of death/doom that will cast countless souls into a pit of despair. They first struck two years ago with their debut album "Deception Through Your Lies", which roared with a slow, sophisticated melancholy that took many to the grave. Now they've released "Devotion To The Sea", a bleak maelstrom that crashes on the listener with waves grief. It's got an atmosphere like a thick fog that completely surrounds you and leaves you feeling trapped under the weight of this gloom. Guitars sing out tragically in somber tones while the vocals are a deep, howling death that grip you tightly and pull you into to a watery tomb. The album is touched with the occasional gentle melody that lures you into a false sense of security before tearing off the mask and exposing some gruesome agony beneath. There are moments where I feel as though I've just seen someone suddenly rip the flesh off their own chest to reveal their ribcage and still-beating heart. It's grim beyond measure, but at the same time there's a beauty in all the sorrow that leaves you transfixed and unable to escape. In the end, it's left me feeling absolutely miserable, but it's so good can't stop listening to it! -Brandon

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