Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Borgonaut - S/T EP (2018)

Borgonaut is a band with a rumble that's going to get your bones rattling and turn your brain into mush. These dudes are casting a creeping darkness over their native Italy with their first EP and the country may never recover. Here we've got three tracks of stoner-doom that are heavy like a load of stones, so watch out because you might snap your neck while banging your head! The sound is thick and meaty with guitar, bass, and drums all bringing their own overwhelming weight to the table while the vocals sprinkle a nice scratchy flavor on top. The first song on here is "Fifty Rider" and I have to assume they're riding a heard of rhinos or something because this is the sound that a mass of dangerous, lumbering beasts makes! For a slow, plodding song it's pretty damn catchy too and it's hard not to join in when they shout out "FIFTY RIDER". The riffage on this release is colossal and you can feel a dark gleam in each one that seems to be imbued with evil spirits. On top of that, there are some inescapable moments of groove across the EP, but it comes through strongest at the end on the band's eponymous track - at some point it just falls into a hole of rubbery riffs that throw you around and leave you to fend for yourself. Some high quality shit for a first release! I definitely want to hear more from these dudes - need a full-length soon! - Brandon

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