Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chivo - Waiting For So Long (2018)

It's been five years since Chivo released their last album, but the Spanish rockers have returned once more to kick up some dust with their latest album "Waiting For So Long" - it's stoner rock at its core, but ventures into some heavy territory for anyone looking to bang their head. Taking gruff vocals with rough riffs and plenty of rock 'n' roll energy and rhythm it makes a sound that's commanding like the edge of a general's sword. Tunes like "Hegan Egin" and "Gaijing Hunter" showcase a driven sound that's perfect for adrenaline-fueled joyrides - just make sure to crank up the volume to drown out the roaring engine! Throughout the album you'll hear these dudes channel a little bit of Kyuss - I pick it up on "Untermensh" in particular - to give things an urgent kind of groove. There's also a few tracks that give off some Helmet vibes too, so maybe they're just drawing a lot of influence from sounds of the 90s. It closes on "Cigarettes" a pensive acoustic tune that seems like a somber way to end things for such a rocker, but it gives the album its title with the repeated refrain of "I've been waiting for so long". This one's definitely off and running with hard hitting rock so get on it or get out of the way! -Brandon

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