Friday, March 2, 2018

Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet (2018)

I don't even know if it gets any better than this for me this year. I'm not even sure there has ever been a time where as soon as I heard like the first 30 seconds of an album, I knew it was going to be my favorite for that year. However, this album did it for me. It was that deep ultra heavy groove, and that dank wall of over driven fuzz that's more like a cloud of smoke that's thick enough to suffocate you. When I listen to this I feel like I'm surrounded. Further indication of what I am talking about can be seen on full display on the album cover. Feast your eyes on that nightmarish vision of a psychedelic mind warp. Mixing together a claustrophobic blend of Stoner, Death/Doom, Sludge, and an overdose of Heavy Fuzz, Coffin Torture wish to alter your preconceived notions of Stoner Doom, and send you lights years in space to the acid-tinged "Dismal Planet".
This album sounds like the aural equivalent to finding a black light poster that was abandoned in a shed, so it was adopted and made into a bee hive and it's now swarming with stingers and covered with thick liquid gold. The stoner grooves on this thing engulf you with fear, dread and paranoia. The riffs in general are colossal as fuck,  like some deep space dragon that vomits neon colored lava. A lot of that comes from the strings being tuned to god knows what. I'm assuming some ultra low bowel rattling tuning similar to Conan. The vocals and drums on this pretty spot on too. The singer has a nasty, harsh, and piercing voice, that's as subtle as sandpaper to skin. The drums seem to always know where to go. Whether it's time to slow down to a sludgy crawl, or time to take some speed and play a Motorhead beat, the drums are tight as fuck.
Stoner Doom gets a bad rap for just regurgitating the same type of shit, but Coffin Torture have shown us is that when everyone else is just ripping off Sabbath, Sleep, or Electric Wizard you gotta get really fucking nasty and play some gnarly ass sounding shit. It doesn't hurt that the riffs are pretty memorable as well. These dudes are going places. Well fucking done! Cheers! -Samir

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