Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Deathbell - With The Beyond (2018)

Fuck man, where did this come from? After listening to it, my best guess is that this is a gift granted to humanity by the grim reaper as a ghastly reminder of our own inevitable demise, meant to breed terror in our souls and make us crumble under the weight of our own mortality. Or perhaps in a more unlikely scenario, there's an amazing band out of France called Deathbell and their debut album "With The Beyond" is mind-meltingly good. Assuming your speakers aren't busted you need to turn this on right now or you'll be missing out on chilling doom metal that you can feel reverberating in your bones with a sound that haunts you even after the music stops. The dirge of crawling, titanic riffs carve through this plane of existence and into the next, letting you slip through the crack between realms and see beyond the veil of death. In this murky, shadowy domain you will lose yourself, dissolve into a mist, and become one with the essence of the void. Songs are slow and fucking heavy, just the way doom metal should be, but also have all these memorable, catchy hooks that you just GIVE yourself to. Every note seems to produce this aural smoke that just hangs in the air until it bleeds into you. A ghostly voice sings out, and because you are now formless and wavering in the dark, its eerie tone is the only thing that you're able to latch on to as the music throws you around in the black. Occult and psychedelic vibes come in and out, but the bleak requiem of doom marches on through it all. Almost calls to mind Electric Wizard's "Witchcult Today", but slowed down and amplified through an unnatural fog. Once you've become one with the haze, there's no escape... But why would you want to leave? Welcome to your new home floating in the ether - I promise the sound of the abyss is worth every moment. -Brandon

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