Friday, March 17, 2017

Feral Chaos- S/T (2017)

Feral Chaos a are furious pack of wolves from Finland playing relentless grindcore with that HM-2 sound. They kinda reminded me of Rotten Sound, but not because they're also from Finland. I can just kinda hear it in there. Either way, it fucking rules! These dudes blast, rip and tear through these 8 tracks like they're all ravenous and they found some pray hiding in the woods. When these dudes get the chance to slow down their grooves are tight as fuck, and when using the Boss HM-2 it's fucking sick. People dog on the pedal, but I don't care it's such a sickening fucking sound. Also these dudes boast on their bandcamp page that they consumed 696 cans and 8 bottles of beer during the recording of this. A mighty feat of endurance and strength! Hope your livers are all doing ok! Cheers!

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