Thursday, March 30, 2017

Christworm- Suffer No More

I remember a couple of years ago I was talking to some dude about doom metal, and he was telling me he saw one of the heaviest doom/sludge metal bands play in Detroit and the band was Christworm. I immediately looked them up to see if I could listen to whatever recent release they had. At the time they only posted one song if i remember correctly, and it was a live recording from a show. Pretty much what i heard from the song backed up what the dude told me. These dudes from Baton Rouge were heavy as fuck. In fact I would definitely describe them as ultra heavy. However, time had passed and I never saw or heard anything from them. They could've broken up for all I knew. I'm not sure why I didn't just check out their Facebook.
I please to find their current release "Suffer No More" on bandcamp, and it's exactly the kind of blackened sludge/doom metal I want to hear. These dudes play super fucking low and slow. Imagine being on Willy Wonka's tunnel boat ride, but instead of going through a river of chocolate, you're moving through a river of thick ass Robitussin, and the images being projected are in black and white, and it's a bleak view of the very worst of humanity. The cover art is grim, shocking, and brutal. Just like the two songs featured on "Suffer No More". I just read they're currently working on a full length, and I'm really stoked to hear what kind of harsh tones these dudes are planning to dish out.

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