Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hashteroid - S/T (2018)

Goddamn, I hope you're fucking ready because something gnarly is roaring out of the sky at a million miles an hour and it's going to wreck us all - I'm talking about a fucking Hashteroid crashing in from outer space with a dank load ready to melt your flesh before you realize what's happening! This is a band that's here to hit you hard and fast with a style that mixes stoner metal with Motorhead's early years - frantic, upbeat, and kind of punky! And if that wasn't enough there's even some thrash on here to help tear things up, especially on the last track "...Return to Hash Planet". The combo comes together like a machine gun shooting bulldozers - there's no mercy, just a whirlwind of metal and uncontrollable riffage from start to end! But even with all the furious, fuming energy that comes screaming through your speakers, the tunes still return to a cosmic groove with a touch of fuzz that'll put stars in your eyes. Every instrument on this album is awesome with guitar, bass, and drums all pulling their weight AND THEN SOME - that's probably how this shit got into orbit! Vinyl record is coming via Cursed Tongue in June, but I'm not sure I can wait that long - this shit rips so hard and fast it burned through all my patience! Absolute killer of an album, you need to hear it NOW! -Brandon

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