Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Yith - IMMEMORIAL (2018)

The eternal abyss has a hunger that knows no bounds, forever swallowing any unfortunate soul who makes the mistake of wandering too close to its endless maw. And at the center of that abyss - the very origin point - there must be something that sounds like Immemorial, the second full-length album from the one-man monolith that is Yith. With a masterful combination of the bleakest elements of black metal and doom metal, this is music that will reduce you to nothing more than dust floating forgotten across a desolate wasteland. It draws upon the slow, gloomy atmosphere of doom painting a bleak backdrop over which an unforgiving swill of black metal noise cascades like a waterfall. Touches of quiet synthesizer serve to heighten the tension, sending a chill down your spine and letting you dwell in a sea of foreboding before throwing you into the crashing waves of dark, melancholic sound. There are some terrifying melodies that emerge to evoke a sense of supernatural dread and the bitter, ripping force of the vocals seems to maul you with every word. The last track "Wilderness" provides a few moments of quiet reflection with a distant, forlorn churning that allows the overwhelming torrent of misery from the previous tracks to soak in. "Immemorial" is definitely an album you need to hear because it's as good as it is bleak - and it's bleak as fuck. -Brandon

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