Friday, May 4, 2018

Nervewrecker - Murmur (2018)

UK Sludge Doom purveyors Nervewrecker deliver a hefty slab of heavy duty riffage with their new EP "Murmur". This release hits hard, while also throwing in some atmospheric ambiance, drone hits, and a slight stoner vibe towards the end. Living up to their namesake, these dude do not disappoint with their onslaught of slow and heavy glacial sized riffs. Thick distorted strings meld with sickening blood curdling screams, and it's all set to the heavy yet slow march of the drum's mighty thud.
My favorite track off of this EP is for sure "Dejected", and it might be one of my favorite songs of the year for sure. It's tuned lower than the other songs making it extra sludgy (which I really like), and it just has these grooves that are ear worm material for sure. The drum beats on it too are slightly atypical as well of what you'd expect from a Sludge Doom song, or even the rest of this EP. 
Overall I really dug this one, and I think you should check it out as well. The art might be deceiving, like you're gonna listen to something that sounds similar to Deafheaven (not knocking the band or Deafheaven or the art or whatever), but I definitely interpreted it as looking like galaxy colored concrete, which is a pretty good description of the EP as a whole. The themes are all there with space and all, and it has a this sort of primal demeanor to it, while also being filled with this sense of dread as well.  Hope you dig it. Cheers! -Samir

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