Monday, April 17, 2017

Blood Raven- Jotunn (2017)

Above a valley in Maryland, perched atop a towering rock sits a creature known as Blood Raven. From its post, Blood Raven has watched the world through the smokey eyes while crafting something wicked. Now realizing the time has come to unleash its creation, it swoops down from on high and delivers "Jotunn" to an unsuspecting public. Filled with hazy jams and sinister grooves, this album is a solid hunk of stoner metal that will keep you driven as you stagger through the fog. A powerful rhythm section helps to keep you grounded, but the soaring riffs raise you up; these opposing forces leave you suspended in midair as spacey vocals wash over you. The solos on this album really showcase the talents of the entire band. The guitar leads are obviously the main focus; wild and e;electric, but they also allow you to hear the bass more distinctly with some fun licks and great interplay with the drums. Even the vocals creep back in to haunt you as the guitar wails on. I suggest you let Blood Raven guide you through their murky valley- it's a good trip. -Brandon

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