Monday, April 10, 2017

Human Sprawl- Exit (2017)

Somewhere near the city of Philadelphia, PA there exists a murky, fetid swamp, where most dare no tread. Here, the air rank with the wretched stench of decay and the ground is steeped in vile ooze. It is from this festering cesspool that Human Sprawl emerged to bring forth their newest recording "Exit". This EP take you trudging through the death bog, only occasionally rising from the mire in a frenzy to kill, then dragging the carcass back and letting it rot. As the album creeps along, you'll hear solid riffs and steady beats that make it hard not to bang your head, but when the band bares their fangs and kicks up the tempo you can't resist. The vocals are harsh, but the lyrics are beautifully written glimpses into realms beyond our own. If you're in need of something coarse, slow, and heavy then follow this trail of sludge into the darkness. -Brandon

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