Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In the Company of Serpents- Ain​-​Soph Aur (2017)

For the last six years, In the Company of Serpents has been playing doom/sludge and self-releasing that has grown progressively more atmospheric with time. Their latest record "Ain-Soph Aur" continues that trend to an incredible end. The whole album seems to be built on a foundation of western desolation with mournful country inspired acoustic guitars that echo with the emptiness of the prairie. However, on top of this sits a dissonant melancholic metal that is dark and forgiving. Both of these pieces are bonded by their sorrow and the reverberation that fills the void. The result is a cohesive, gut-wrenching sound will leave you gazing towards horizon in introspection. Gravely vocals fit just as well during the quiet, contemplative moments as they do during the powerful, relentless blasts. Transitions between these two extremes are seamless and you find yourself at the climax of a song without realizing how you got there. This album doesn't just cover new ground- It absolutely conquers it. These guys are masters of their own style and i need to see where it goes from here. -Brandon

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