Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bubak - Bubak's Revenge (2018)

There is no mercy! There is no escape! Prepare for the thunderous force of Bubak and the unrelenting fury of their second EP "Bubak's Revenge"! This is a pair of dudes with just drums and bass that manage to sound fuller than bands three times the size, playing stoner/doom/sludge that will pummel you with ultra-heavy sound! If you've listened to Bubak's first EP you know they're good, but this new release takes things to a new level with a loud, savage might. It comes charging at you with a driven, almost punky speed and energy, but played deep and low with heavy metal fury. Combine that with the dirty bass and vocal tone and it really feels like Bubak is on the attack - it's fast, harsh, and it's going to tear into you and force you to bang your head whether you're ready or not! There are a few slower passages scattered about that ensure that your wounds are deep but the assault never stops! It's like a massive ogre ripping through the forest on a path of destruction all for the sake of fun. The bass and drums here are each wicked and catchy in their own right, ripping through memorable line after line - taking no prisoners along the way - until you can feel the sounds vibrating in the hole where your soul is supposed to be. Then when the vocals come at you like shotgun blasts on top of that you know that these dudes are on a warpath and you can get out of their way or die. There's not even a moment or a note of filler, you're just hammered with metal until the end. I don't know who wronged Bubak or what they did to incur their wrath or inspire their revenge, but if you're reading this... Keep fucking doing it! I need more of this shit! -Brandon

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