Friday, June 8, 2018

Hell Obelisco - Swamp Wizard Rises (2018)

Upon first listen you would figure Hell Obelisco was born in the Stoner Sludge swamps of NOLA, but these dudes are straight outta Bologna, Italy! With a deep bass heavy rumble that's sure to awaken every witch and wizard from Salem, ME to Salem, OR, "Swamp Wizard Rises" is a raucous hell ride, that casts a spell with its Stoner Riffer Madness, and its Sludgy Doom and Gloom mastery.
Hell Obelisco give off this Southern Metal vibe that makes me think of a beefier and sludgier version of Corrosion of Conformity with a dash of Down and a hint of Goatsnake. I've been kinda burned out on the Stoner Doom stuff as of late, so it was nice to come across this, where the fuzz gets traded in for heavy slabs of tasty Stoner Riffage. I have no doubt in mind that the aforementioned Swamp Wizard approves of this, and wake and bakes to this shit, before he has risen for the day.
The riffs are catchy as fuck, and this definitely had my head bobbin along to it, so it has my approval for sure. There's plenty going on in "Swamp Wizard Rises" to please Lords of the Stoner/Sludge/Doom World and beyond. So pull out your favorite pipe, light it up your favorite strain, and bask in the pungent stench of this worthwhile release. Highly Recommended! -Samir

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