Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Grave Disgrace - Sabbatharium (2018)

Goddamn, I don't know how such a killer band slipped under my radar for so long, but Grave Disgrace are here to rip open some caskets and terrorize the world with their third full-length album "Sabbatharium". This is the good shit with unholy stoner-doom so heavy that it'll drag you to hell, played nice and low with deep, powerful riffs coming at you from now until you die and then beyond! It's chock full of fuzzy wobbling bass, deadpan moaning vocals, and the stale rank stench of death unearthed from a Transylvanian graveyard in every single note. More than anything else, these guys are masters of ultra-evil, psych-tinged blues with guitar leads that make Robert Johnson's legendary trip to sell his soul at the crossroads seem like a picnic with the church choir. The massive sound, the hulking pace, and deliciously messy layering makes every track feel like a dark and joyous fever dream torn from the mind of something undead. It's a macabre vein of slow and profane doom that reminds me of all of the things that made me fall in love with this wicked genre of music in the first place - and then it builds on it! Sabbatharium is the sound of a curse that you don't want lifted, instead choosing to offer yourself up to the darkness and wallow among the damned. I don't know how to turn the volume down on this one - it's loud, lumbering, depraved and I don't want it to stop! -Brandon

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