Friday, August 3, 2018

ИЛ (IL) - Нечисть (Nechist/Undead) (2017)

So here's another great one from 2017 I missed and I want to specifically call out Rob Hammer for posting this on his YouTube channel. If you do not follow it, you should, because a lot of the shit that I personally post about ends up being on his channel. So if you enjoy the bands I post about and don't already subscribe, do it! Anyway, so here's the band ИЛ which according to Russian to English translators is IL. The name of the album is "Нечисть" and the translation for that came out to be "Scum" while Rob states in his YouTube video for the album, that the translation is "Nechist" which is an evil spirit. The reason I'm explaining this is because I think both translations fit with how I would describe this album (***Update I'm being told it means Undead and not Scum***). It has a real thick and equally filthy Sludge Doom sound to it, but it also has this evil foreboding presence to it, which you can definitely gather from looking at the cover art as well. The book matches the cover for this one!
This album feels like it was birthed in a swamp, and features some punishing riffs that are heavy as fuck. The overall mix is excellent especially for the sound they are going for. The guitars are thick like fog penetrating haunted forest.  The vocals are wretched and miserable enough to feel right at home with these gloomy ass tunes. The drums are what you'd expect, but at the same time he does do some blasts that harken back to their blackened roots. There's a whiff of psychedelic influence that is noticeable, albeit masked by the noxious fumes of the dank riffage. However, the contrast between light and dark is barely noticeable, as its passage of time is quite limited. With that being said, I really did enjoy this one. I would say it's a contender for being one of my favorites of the year, but it's actually from last year, so it's kind of disqualified from that. Oh well, highly recommended either way. Cheers! -Samir

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