Thursday, August 2, 2018

Saint Karloff - All Heed The Black God (2018)

You can typically find them lurking in the shadows on cloudy nights when the thunder starts to rumble and something unnatural is building in the air, but now the fiendish rogues of Saint Karloff have entered the waking world to twist souls and contort minds with their debut album "All Heed the Black God". This record is a dizzying concoction made up of stoner rock, psych-doom, and a touch of dusty occult magic dumped into an old wine barrel and stirred with Uncle Acid and Black Sabbath in mind. Saint Karloff groan with all the strange, wicked sounds of the night no matter whether they're hitting some mid-paced jangling tunes with a groove ("Ghost Smoker", "Dark Sun") or fast, driven, dire songs blasting wild-eyed through the darkness ("Space Junkie", "Radioactive Tomb"). The sound seems to induce a paralyzing panic where you break out into a cold sweat as your brain is crawling and seething, desperate to flee from some unseen force, but you're physically transfixed and your body craves more music. There's a vaguely ghostly presence about it as though it hits just the right frequencies to shake one or two nearby spirits loose and sets them free to fly about as the songs play - but not enough ghosts to slow the rocking energies that the band brings! It's just plain awesome heavy rock music brought to you from the dark side - check it out! -Brandon

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