Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bloodmoon / Trapped Within Burning Machinery - Split EP (2017)

Here's one I've been meaning to get to for a while. This split with Bloodmoon and Trapped Within Burning Machinery is killer. It's only two songs, but nothing on here is less than 10 minutes. Bloodmoon (who features Peter Tomis from Disgusted Geist, another great Sludge band who we reviewed earlier this year) combine Doom and Sludge with Atmospheric and Gothic elements as well, creating something that is both monstrous yet haunting at the same time. "Nothing is Special, Nobody Cares", comes in swinging with a vengeance , but then unravels into a reflective moment of clarity. The band's more progressive tendencies emerge about halfway through, as the song gets a second breath, ending the song with an impressive finish that seems almost completely different than where they started, but still fucking awesome. Trapped Within Burning Machinery's contribution "Abysswalker" is a slow burn that starts off brooding, with a rumbling bass line, and spectral ambiance, before it unleashes a fiery flame, churning along with amassed hatred, in a repetitive and almost meditative fury. TWBM weave a Blackened Doom web, that's modern but more traditional than they let on in the beginning. Filthy vocals ravage beastly riffs as they lumber along in an abysmal state (much like the song title suggests). It's sorrowful and gloomy, and it paints a dark picture of a world covered in ash, grey skies, dead trees, and nothing human in sight. Both songs complement each other while both having something different to bring to this release, making it both devastating and unique. Spend 30 minutes in hell, with these dudes. You won't regret it. Cheers! -Samir

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