Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pillars - Pyres and Gallows EP (2017)

Pillars is a doom-dealing quartet spreading evil from their hometown of Nice, France. Their debut EP "Pyres and Gallows" was originally released through Bandcamp last year, but it just got a cassette release so let's talk about it! This EP is a gathering in the darkness with a sacrifice placed on the altar of doom in order to summon up monstrous riffs and fuzz from beyond. For the most part, you'll hear a lot of traditional doom inspiration on this release as it stomps through the shadows and revels in a somber, mid-paced gloom, but the forceful rhythms and rough edge on the vocals provide an aggressive undertone. At one point that aggression blossoms into full-on violence on the track "Dirty Whoreshippers" when the beast waiting in the darkness seems to break free of its chains and escape to run through the night. The songs build a dreary atmosphere, but keep a sharp edge with a few discordant touches to ensure that you don't get too comfortable in their cultish dungeon. Check it out - you might be the next sacrifice if you don't! -Brandon

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