Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Black Sound - Argestonia (2017)

I kinda feel like once Halloween comes and goes, the next couple months go by in a blur. Before you know it, you have Thanksgiving, you do Christmas, and then just like that it's 2018. We started this blog at the end of 2016 so we're coming up on our one year anniversary. I knew there would be a point where I might start reviewing stuff we missed throughout the year for whatever reason, and this is definitely one of those releases. For whatever reason, I don't recall seeing anything about "Argestonia" in February or March, but had I did, we would've reviewed it sooner. 
Right off the bat you'll notice The Black Sound's fat fuzzed out sound. It's thick and meaty, and it's a great sound for a Stoner Doom band. Clocking in at around 12 minutes, you get nothing but a lava infused, reefer maddening, doom-laden riff fest. Like a bearded stoner accidentally lighting his facial hair on fire while lighting up for another toke, this shit is both fiery and toasty. Their slow and steady grooves resonating from their orange amps will have you seeing visions of purple and green rather than black. 
The singer in this band has got a really nice voice. It's sort of gravelly and slightly harsh. It kinda reminds me of "Dixie" Dave from Weedeater but not quite. I would say it's definitely in the same vein, but not like a total rip off or a duplicate of what "Dixie" does. Like mentioned above, the guitars are fat and beef with the cowhide still intact for all that extra fuzz. It's thick like a cloud of weed smoke, and dank like the basement you're getting stoned in. Or at least it's the type of environment well suited for this sound. The bass creeps in here and there, while the drums bring the crackle and roar with the thunder and lightning. 
The Black Sound definitely play low and slow, with a drunken whiskey soaked blues swagger, and a dope fueled haze in their eyes. Too bad "Argestonia" couldn't be any longer. Not that the songs needed to be longer, but it definitely leaves you wanting some more songs from these dudes. Hopefully we'll be writing about The Black Sound again in 2018, if they have plans to release more stuff. Cheers! -Samir

PS: This is a little out of the ordinary for me to write something like this, but something out of the ordinary happened to me this past weekend. I discovered (as some of you may have noticed on our Facebook page) that I was banned from posting and/or commenting in groups for a whole week. I wasn't given specific details on how or why, but I'm assuming it had to do something with me posting two reviews back to back, and someone reported me for spam. we get most of our readers through posting in Facebook groups. Right now it is simply the easiest way to reach a large amount of people. We do not need hundreds and hundreds of readers to click on our posts to inflate our egos here. We simply do this for free to support and share bands we give a shit about. However, the more readers we do get, increases the chances we might turn them on to something they weren't aware of before reading, and could direct their traffic to the band's Facebook page where the band might get some followers as a result. I personally do most of the leg work for distribution, and banning me pretty much cuts those legs from underneath us. If I get put in FB jail again, I will come up with some sort of back up plan, but for the time being I will just say this. If you're reading this and you're the one who reported me, do me a favor and block me, or if you're an Admin for a group who reported me, remove me from your group. You don't even have to tell me you did it! Keep it anonymous! I don't give a fuck! Thanks! -Samir

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