Monday, November 27, 2017

Luna - Swallow Me Leaden Sky (2017)

Can you feel it - that palpable sense of dread in the air? The inescapable thought that although everything seems okay on the surface, at any moment all of your fears could tear a hole through reality and bring your world crashing down? That's "Swallow Me Leaden Sky", the 3rd album from Luna out of Kiev, Ukraine. It's an instrumental release composed of two 20 minute epics that combine beautiful symphonic music with a painfully slow type of metal that sits somewhere between funeral doom and death/doom. The resulting sound evokes an ever-mounting terror and the fear that you may die at any moment - just the way good doom should! The first track "Everything Becomes Dust" starts with something that practically sounds like a cinematic soundtrack, simultaneously building up anticipation and melancholy. Then after about 5 minutes horror emerges with a grim organ that announces your fate. The song carries on long and somber, really lingering on the deep pangs of sorrow. Afterwards is the title track, which is sweet and delicate for about 30 seconds before low rumbling piano notes signal the return of the darkness. A short while later all of the heavy gloom is back in full force thundering harder than ever before. For me, this song conjures images of a massive, ornate mausoleum in which a hooded figure gently takes you by the hand and leads you to your eternal resting place as waves of panic and calm come and go. This album is bleak and was designed to make you uneasy but at the same time it's fascinating and alluring. It'll probably unearth some disturbing emotions as you listen, but don't let that stop you - you're going to want to hear it. -Brandon

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