Thursday, April 26, 2018

Butcher ABC - North of Hell (2018)

How the fuck have I never heard of Butcher ABC before? They've been around for over 2 decades and not once have I heard of them. What a fucking crime, because Butcher ABC fucking slays. These death dealers from Japan deliver a classic sound that's slowly fed through the meat grinder. This album was ridiculously good, and had so much fucking groove to it as well. If Ghoul's string section sounded more like Coffins, and they had a thing for General Surgery and early Carcass, you'd get something like Butcher ABC. This is just 11 tracks of putrid and filthy sounding Gore Grind, and I think it's fan fucking tastic. It has simple meaty riffs, and it's catchy as fuck.
The first thing I noticed right off the bat was that the bass sound was so prominent. It really added to the overall disgusting sound of the mix, along with the sewage-like detuned guitar tones. I did enjoy the different layers of vocals they had going on. There was that old school Carcass sounding growl going on, along with your typical death growl, and then they had that gurgling pitch shifted sound which was pretty fucking sick. Again, adding to that layer of gross repulsive sound that these dudes revel in. These dudes a relentless with their execution, and clearly give no fucks. After listening to this album they definitely have become one of my new favorite bands. I'm going to go ahead and just put this to my end of year list as a personal favorite. Not many bands win me over like these dudes, but holy fuck, they totally rule. Highly Recommend! Cheers! -Samir

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