Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spitter - Boozycreeper (2018)

Today is your lucky fucking day because you're about to learn about Spitter, an instrumental stoner/doom/sludge duo that's ready to lay waste to southern Russia. Their debut release "Boozycreeper" features 5 songs that strip heavy music down to bare elements - nothing more than bass and drums - and then push it through a noisy filter of foul fuzz that practically turns the sound into a biological weapon. There's no guitar, no vocals, and you're not going to care because this shit hits you in the chest like the fist of a giant ape. It's a thick, groovy slop that will slosh its way through the airwaves and give birth to a swamp in your head. The gurgling sound of the bass conjures images of the primordial ooze and every note is another bubble swelling up out of the muck - but then the crash of the drums makes those bubbles pop and splatter. You'd better believe there's a whole lot of heft to it; you can feel the weight dragging you down into the frothy, churning mire until you're choking on putrid bog water. The bass tone and noise really make these some dirty tunes, but that's exactly why you're going to love this - it's just a bunch of nasty groove covered in pond scum and there's nothing to hide. But even with all the noxious noise, you'll still get wrapped up in the rhythms - it's just under 40 minutes long, but every time I play this monster it seems like it's over too quickly. Your speakers are going to hate you if you're not playing this, so turn the volume up already! -Brandon

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