Friday, April 20, 2018

Radien - SYVYYS (2018)

Radien are definitely no strangers to this blog, as we have reviewed their previous release "Maa" here last year. The Finnish Sludge Doom five piece, has returned with a full LP this time around, and they do not disappoint. Raiden's music is born from desolate landscapes, striped of any color, and plagued with black and grey. With it's crushingly heavy disposition and a dissonant demeanor, these guys are like a sleeping giant with a disfigured face due to leprosy. It's grim and harsh, playing like a soundtrack to a film about the end of days, shot on black and white with a super 8 camera. The music is dark, miserable, and full of despair, and above all it's really fucking good. I think one of the major differences I noticed comparing "SYVYYS" to the previous release "Maa", is that they have taken advantage of their use of time and space, and have given some room to some meditative moments throughout. However, they still deliver with fierce monstrous riffs, that roar with a primal rage.
The strings on "SYVYYS" definitely have a sludgy texture to them, but this shifts when the guitar is playing the atonal melody leads which also helps create a clashing friction and grit to the riffs. There's definitely a grating hoarseness that is added by the vocals as well. All of this is plodded along as if shackled by chains in a frigid existence with deep feelings of regret and sorrow. It's the type of sound that's for a place where the sun doesn't shine, and you'd wish the rain would just wash it all away.
I always thinks it's pretty cool, when a band that we reviewed in our relatively short life as a blog releases new material. Especially when it's an new LP! Also these guy got signed to Black Bow Records this time around which is pretty fucking cool, because they are definitely becoming one of my favorite labels, and it's run by Jon Davis of the mighty Conan, which is fucking rad as well. Anyway, I highly recommend this one! Cheers! -Samir

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