Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Witching - S/T (2018)

With a wicked snarl out of Philadelphia, PA the band Witching stirs a bubbling cauldron. Inside is a fragrant brew of stoner, sludge, and doom all melting into one savage poison fit to liquefy organs and burn through flesh like acid. It's the band's self-titled debut and it's decadently nasty like you wouldn't believe, striking a great balance between harsh and catchy stoner-doom. "Witching" was a great name for this because there's definitely some magic in the way the sound comes together and bundles so much toxic goodness in one package - only five tracks and I'm hungry for more! It begins deceptively gently with a song titled "Baby Bird" with a minute of pretty acoustic guitar pickings before being swallowed by the seething, boiling sounds conjured up from out of the darkness. The guitar tone has a nice sharp edge to it while summons deep, pungent riffs from the underworld - there's a faint odor of rot and decay but there's no way to keep yourself from grooving to some of these! The band definitely hit a sweet spot with the evocative rhythms and searing style. Up front, the vocals comfortably shift between rough, wretched shouts and despondent doom moans that evoke a haunting feeling. There are even a few black metal twists on the tunes (as you may have guessed from the band logo) - you can hear it clearly about midway through "Burning Girl" when the song becomes a buzzing, pounding assault. Really rad shit all around, I'll definitely be playing this one some more! -Brandon

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