Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cult of Occult - Antilife (2018)

Spewing forth misanthropic hymns of lunacy, agony, and despair, Cult of Occult have crafted a hideous monstrosity with "Antilife". It's been three years since Cult of Occult's last full length "Five Degrees of Insanity", and this one doesn't disappoint with its dark clouds of Blackened Sludge Doom misery. Repetitive and oppressively bleak, "Antilife" is sure to crush anyone's spirits with its howling drones, and its suffocating riffs. It's slow, and it drags, as if chained to a builder in a dank dark cavernous dungeon, with no sign of light or life, outside of the maggots and rats eating scraps of food. That's where you will find this music dwelling.
The strings definitely have good tone to them, providing a wretched sound that is oozing with hate and self loathing. The harshness of the vocals are shrill and guttural, and when combined with the rest of the band it adds to this disgusting display of human suffering. A mediation on grief, sickness, and pain, "Antilife" is sore that will never heal. Did I mention that I liked this? I could see this ending up on a lot of people's end of the year lists. It's up there for me that's for sure. I definitely recommend checking this one out, and it will most certainly ruin your day. Cheers! -Samir

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