Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Monje - S/T (2018)

In the streets and alleys of Buenos Aires there are whispers of something sinister that lurks in the shadows, basking in the darkness and drawing in anyone who dares to get close - Monje. They stalk the night dealing out addictive stoner-doom with goth rock sensibilities that emerge when the thundering riffage comes down to a simmer. The band's first album hits a lot of sweet spots on the stoner-doom spectrum, managing to work its way into a trashing stoner groove on tracks like "Paisaje del Horror" and creep through the darkness like a vampire slipping into your bedroom on "Punto Omega" with a whole lot of wicked stops in-between. The sound itself is a true creature of the night pounding and plodding through the darkness until it finds the right moment to strike. Monje sounds just as comfortable creating a warbling creepshow as they do a in the middle of a scathing assault, and you better believe you're getting both. With the vocals the range goes from 'low, ominous, and eerie' to 'demon crime lord on a rampage' and what more could you want? Monje have crafted their own kind of underworld and any way you slice it this album is a delightfully nefarious soundtrack for banging your head through the twilight. -Brandon

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