Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thought Eater - Bones in The Fire (2018)

Thought Eater play Instrumental Progressive Sludge with a noise rock slant to it. They remind me of the band Noxagt for some reason. The grooves are jagged, and full of twists and turns,but it's a unique sound that's packed with enough sinister sounding riffs to keep my attention and focus. Although these dudes definitely flaunt their musical excellence, it's never done in an over indulgent way with excessive noodling. Thought Eater craft songs that are tightly wound like a watch, barrel forward with precise execution, and it's definitely exciting to listen to. Did I mention the bass player uses a 12 string bass? I'm kind of glad this is instrumental, because I'm not sure what kind of vocal style you would want to do over this. Sometimes shit like that can ruin the music, and these songs are enjoyable on their, and if it's not broke don't fix it!
I'm really digging the tones on this especially from the bass and guitar. It's almost as if the bass is more distorted than the guitar to give it more character. Both are distinctly noticeable, but the bass definitely has that distinct Noise/Sludge Rock sound I was talking about above. There's even some organ parts that kind of give it a 70s (a la Deep Purple/Pink Floyd) vibe without sounding like anything directly from that era. I mean you can tell the influences for Thought Eater are all over the place with their warped sounding riffs, and deviant melodies/harmonies. It's definitely a fusion of a lot of awesome shit but it's core is definitely in the swamps with the muck and the ooze. Anyway, really solid release, and it's a little bit different than the type of Sludge I usually encounter, but as good. Definitely recommend this one. Cheers! -Samir

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