Friday, June 29, 2018

Disgusted Geist - Reign of Enthrallment (2018)

Mixing the filth/grime of Sludge with the stench of Old School Death Metal, Disgusted Geist rise from the miasma to deliver a truly sickening sound with “Reign of Enthrallment”. If you checked out the band's demo last year, and were impressed, wait until you hear this one! The sound on this is so vile and nasty in comparison. You could tell in the demo that the band was really drawing more from bands like Grief and Noothgrush, but with “Reign of Enthrallment” you get more Autopsy and the hideous swamp death of the Florida Scene. A truly repulsive sound that is pleasing to my ears.
The guitar tone on this whole album is near perfect sludge excrement. Pairing this with brutal riffs creates a crushing experience that is hard to resist. The vocals are sick too delivering classic death grunts that people are accustomed to with OSDM. It really adds to the whole atmosphere the band is trying to create here. The biggest change from their demo from last year is the drums. We move away from the slow snail paced Eyehategod style drumming, and move into Death Metal territory with all the double kicks and blasts you would expect to hear. I was definitely impressed with this band's first full length. I knew when I heard their demo this band was onto something special, but I totally didn't predict they were going to go in this direction, and I think it's even better than I imagined it being. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up on a lot of year end lists, as its going to show up on mine for sure. Highly recommended! Cheers! -Samir

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