Thursday, June 21, 2018

Flood Peak - Plagued By Sufferers (2018)

Sounding like a Blackened Sludge version of mid 90s Neurosis, Flood Peak delivers the rain to wash the filth and the garbage away with “Plagued By Sufferers”. A torrential downpour of darkened hymns and fractured odes in the key of ugly, Flood Peak create the perfect storm of slow grimy riffs with agonizing execution. The music itself is very primal, as if it were born in a cave, and never has seen the light of day. When it finally feels the burn of the sun's heat, it retreats and trembles back into the darkness. This band and its sound exist on this plane.
The guitar chords are preoccupied by diminished and minor tones, and that's what makes Flood Peak's sounds so grim and ghastly. The distorted bass on the other hand seems to wallow in the muck, and a lot of the band's pummeling low end. The vocals have a lot of grit and guttural anguish that one would expect listening to music like this. It fits with the feel and the tone, bringing together a harsh reality that can drown you in the tears of despair. Get your fucking life vest on, because in the sea of shit, you wanna be damn sure you're gonna float. I'm not really sure what that last line has to do Flood Peak or their release “Plagued By Sufferers”, but I do know I was compelled to write that after listening to it a few times. I guess I feel gloomy and this put my in a dour mood. This shit is bleak, and you should definitely check it out! Cheers! -Samir

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