Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dying Hydra - S/T EP (2018)

New out of Denmark is Dying Hydra - a monstrous trio of hell-beasts intent on ruination with their debut self-titled EP. Playing atmospheric sludge unearthed from a place beyond human conception Dying Hydra is lashing out with a rancorous fury and a touch of misery. They establish a moody baseline, letting a natural gloom settle in with quiet, rippling passages but then the band bares their fangs and sinks their teeth in causing an explosion of malevolence and vicious energy. The aggressive, heavy rhythms rip through the airwaves leaving a subtle, melancholic trail in their wake. It's as though they've summoned a storm for the sole purpose of proving they can shout louder than the thunder - and damn if it doesn't work, because this shit could put a hole in the sky. You can practically feel the hydra using its necks like tendrils to wrap around you and throttle you in time with the savage rhythms. Beneath the roaring sludge, gentle melodies form in the vapor creating an incredible duality between the rampaging monster and the forlorn ghost. I imagine this is what it would sound like if High On Fire covered Pelican songs - a pummeling force hammering out nuanced tunes. You can't deny that this EP came out pretty wicked so do yourself a favor and check it out! -Brandon

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