Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Postmortal - Soil (EP) (2018)


As the thunder starts its low rumble and a sea of dark clouds rolls in Postmortal beckons you to enter their dungeon. Upon entry, you realize that even in the dim light the band is still casting long, ominous shadows and that here in their subterranean realm the gloom and the furor of the rainstorm is being amplified by the power of their debut EP "Soil". Crashing in with a grumbling sorrow, the band delivers three tracks of woeful death doom that flirts with the gothic style of My Dying Bride and just a touch of skin crawling eeriness. Instrumentally, the songs creep slowly with tones that are languid, lamenting, and loud all at once - it's a horde of ghosts and demons bleeding through the cracks in the walls swarming you with every kind of misery at once. These tunes hit you from two sides simultaneously with a low, wretched, roaring back end but also clear heartbreaking agony up front. It's not going to mash you right out the gates - it comes in like the rising tide, growing larger with every wave and every moment until eventually you find it enveloping you as you're being dragged into the depths by an awe-inspiring melancholic force. The vocals are comprised of deathly growls so deep that you can - and will - fall into them. You shouldn't miss out on this so get ready to descend into darkness and embrace the miserable end! -Brandon

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