Thursday, October 19, 2017

Daxma - The Head Which Becomes the Skull (2017)

They came from the void unleashing an overwhelming sorrow - a deep-seated grief from which we may not escape. Last year, Daxma put out their first EP "The Nowhere of Shangri-La", featuring only a single song entitled "Eons Apart". It is an immense 30 minute track of elegant, atmospheric doom that manages to evoke a comfortable sorrow and sense of longing. But as powerful as the EP is, it's only a herald for something even bigger: the band's first full-length album, "The Head Which Becomes the Skull". It refines the sounds heard on their EP into a deep, all-consuming abyss in which an alluring post-metal/doom hybrid empties your soul over the course of six songs. The music grumbles with slow, sinister rhythms and resonates in a lonely cosmic ambiance. Over top of this, guitar, violin, and both male and female vocals take turns singing out melodies of lament that will cast shadows in your heart. Everything is incredibly somber, but at the same time it has a chilling beauty that leaves you transfixed as you're drained of all joy and cast into the endless ether. This is an album that is both crushing and subtle in equal measure, working the band's creeping sonic despair into a massive, heavy riff and then back again. It's the sort of sound that will haunt you when you're alone on a quiet night - when you can feel the notes still reverberating in your mind. This is really an incredible piece of work, but it's not for those weak in spirit. Listen if you can handle it! -Brandon

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