Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Watcher's Guard - S/T EP (2017)

Is it just me, or has there been a bunch of cool shit coming out of Scotland recently? This time, it's an the form of an earsplitting self-titled EP from Watcher's Guard. They're playing slow, heavy, traditional doom occasionally broken by some fast, old-school metal flashes that will have you offering up your soul in tribute. The sound brings to mind a lot of doom classics and it's definitely been through the dungeons of gloom, but it's not quite wallowing in darkness. With both the instrumental and vocal tone, it's as though it stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight - still a child of the night, but illuminated by a pale glow. It's a breath of fresh air without straying too far from the source - new doom in an old style without feeling tired. That alone should make it worth your time, but it's pretty powerful on top of that! All three tracks pound out a thick metal that will summon the howling winds of despair! There's a lot of weight to this one, try not to get crushed. -Brandon

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