Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Primitive Man - Caustic (2017)

So I'm just going to call it. This is most likely going to be album of the year for me. I remember the first time I heard or saw anything about Primitive Man. I was just scrolling Facebook and there was one of those sponsored ads for "Scorn" before they were signed to Relapse, and judging by the art, I was like fuck yeah I want to check this band out. I was not disappointed and they were an instant new favorite. After years of releasing follow ups of EPs and splits, the band has finally returned with their LP successor to "Scorn" titled "Caustic". Boy is this fucking heavy.
Primitive Man has to be one of the heaviest bands on this planet, with their brand of Misanthropic and Dissonant Extreme Doom Sludge. Adding in elements of Death, Black Metal, and even harsh/ambient noise, these dudes have the filthiest, nastiest, and most disgusting sound around. Every down beat, and every down stroke on this album is like a hammer to the head. Nothing but relentless blow after relentless blow. I feel like this is definitely more devastating than "Scorn", but does it really even matter? I mean these guys have a sound that it is unmatched, and they just keep playing the bleakest shit imaginable. To me it just seems like the most logical continuation of what they are trying to achieve as a band. For a band that is already as intensely heavy as they are, the only way they could change as a band is to go softer, and I can't say that they have. They are simply one of the best Sludge Metal bands out right now, in its most extreme form period.
So pretty much what I'm trying to say is this is the kind of shit to look forward to, and then it exceeds your expectations. Not like, I can't wait for this to come out, and it's just as good as I thought it be. No, this is definitely some great phenomenal shit! So I'm glad "Caustic" did that for me. I can't say how many of my favorite bands over the years have released shit and it's been disappointing. Not this time. Also thanks Relapse for having this band on your label. There was a time where Relapse was really putting out the best of the best when it came to heavy shit in the early 00s and then all of those bands, either went to other labels, or they just went away entirely. IMO there was large gap of time where I thought their releases were hit or miss. However, I think lately with a few releases from older bands who have signed on to the label (Magrudergrind, Iron Monkey, etc…) and newer bands like Iron Reagan and even Primitive Man, they seem to be back on track with where I've seemed to of left off. There are definitely a lot of good labels out there, but for me Relapse always has a soft spot in my heart, and have released a lot of my favorite albums. Now including this one. Cheers! -Samir

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