Friday, October 6, 2017

Ruff Majik- A Finch in a cherry tree (2017)

Ruff Majik is an untamed trio of musical sorcerers out of Pretoria, South Africa that is brewing up something completely unique. Over the course of a year, at the change of each season, they're releasing a new chapter of "Seasons", a full-length album made up of four parts. The first part, "The Hare and the Hollow", was released at the June solstice coinciding with winter in the southern hemisphere. Now, with the recent September equinox and the advent of spring in South Africa, the band just put out the second chapter in the series, "A Finch in a cherry tree". It's got a sound that refuses to be pigeon-holed, twisting together all kinds of wild music and spitting out an erratic combination of ground-up goodness. The first track "Last of the witches" starts out striking with an electric urgency - it sounds like an alarm flirting with funk before being trampled by hard-hitting heavy rock. This transitions into "It flies at night" a gloomier tune playing like a doom rock offshoot that brings some more grit and danger to the mix. The final song of the set is "Hanami Sakura (and the ritual suicide)" which begins all bluesy, like it was born in the bijou, but builds up into some heavy metal thunder. All these parts are brought together by a common thread - a distinctive timbre, like a chirpy rumble, that runs across the tracks. These tunes are volatile but make up a potent elixir that should last us long enough to see what the next solstice will bring! -Brandon

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