Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Temple of Void - Lords of Death (2017)

Detroit Michigan's Temple of Void return with their new album "Lords of Death", and it's a heavy slab of Death/Doom which seems to capture the classic sounds and stylings of both classic late 80s to early 90s Doom Metal and Old School Death Metal. So instead of just sounding like every other Death/Doom band out these dudes sound like they really dig on shit Earache and Roadrunner put out in the late 80s early 90s minus all the blast beats and shit. Nothing on here is faster than a mid-tempo gallop, but don't expect these dudes to be playing those drone riffs either. These riffs are meaty as fuck, and these dudes know how to write some catchy fucking grooves as well.
 The sound on this is just so fat and crushing. The strings have moments where there are melodic and create an atmosphere of murky melancholic witchery. However most of the time, it is pure relentless brutality with bone snapping heavy riffage. These grimy rotten riffs are detuned and straight from the dankest crypts. Untombed and fully rotted, these riffs sound even better with the gut wrenching death growls of the vocals. Just like everything on this album, they are layered on thick and fat, oozing forth like a rivers of blackened slime, while the strings and drums crunch forth in an unholy unison. The total package is nothing short of fucking awesome Death and Doom delight.
Prepare to be pounded back into the grave with "Lords of Death". Temple of Void have managed to outdo themselves, and deliver an album that is way more heavier and way more Devastating than their first release "Of Terror and The Supernatural". While their first release seemed more along the leanings of Hooded Menace both with the cover art and their overall sound, this release sees the band branching out, and getting back to their deathly putrid roots, conjuring a morbid masterpiece that will satisfy fans who fiend for heavy duty riffage. I totally recommend bobbing your heads along to these grim hymns of disgust. Cheers! -Samir

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