Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Arbor Ira - Weltenfresser (2017)

According to the Metal Archives "Arbor Ira" is Latin for "Wrath of Trees" and their songs are about nature striking back! ... But a lot of the lyrics are in German, so I can neither confirm nor deny that. What I can say is that the band's latest album "Weltenfresser" (or "world eaters" in English) is a phenomenal force of Peaceville-inspired gothic death/doom, no matter what language you speak! This album definitely has a My Dying Bride thing going on with songs that groan in a sorrowful tone then burst out loud and low all while being backed by a small, dedicated string section to give things a dramatic flair. The first track "Des Poeten Klage" will ease you into the sound by mixing doom with a driven thunder before the second track "Enslaved/Funeral Belt" explodes and exposes their full on death roots. Every track sounds like it's in mourning, but each goes in a different direction combining churning melancholy, gentle reflective passages, booming force, and miserable howling wrath in different amounts. As a whole it becomes a singular entity of heavy metal that swirls with agony and heartbreak - don't overlook this one! -Brandon

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