Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oakbreaker - S/T (2017)

Groovy southern-style sludge coming out of Germany - Oakbreaker is throwing down some heavy shit whether you're on board or not! On the cover of their self-titled debut is a man wielding an axe in the dark near a cracked and broken tree. This captures the essential elements of what you're going to hear - powerful rhythmic chopping that will leave you wading through a flurry of splintered debris. But down underneath the sludge-heavy axe swings are some down-home bluesy foundations that keep twisting their way through the tunes. Scatter in some hardcore touches to give it a mean edge and just drop of doom that bubbles up in spots and you've got one nasty batch of songs ready to take you down. Even though the band is a whole continent away, Oakbreaker has a certain NOLA charm and would fit right in with the scene. It all rolls up into a good package and listening to it makes my neck sore imagining how hard you could bang your head - this one's worth a listen! -Brandon

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