Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kurse - Tales of The Wizard (2017)

Swaying between 70s-tinged cosmic haze and fuzzy, foggy stoner rock is Kurse, a trio out of Montreal. They've taken it upon themselves to chronicle the adventures of a mighty mage with their debut EP "Tales of the Wizard". I don't know which of the wizard's tales the cover art is supposed to represent, but it's amazing. I dug through all of the lyrics and while they're filled with mysticism and ritual, none mention an encounter with giant deer, face stripped of flesh with a tentacles writhing around. Or maybe it's a regular-sized faceless tentacled deer and the wizard is just really tiny? In any case, Kurse is a band that can conjure many tones and as the EP unfolds they'll take you through the cosmos with psychedelic swirls, into ancient chambers with gently echoing chants, burning through the desert with motorized, grungy stoner rock and more. Not only do these songs caress the misty mountain tops with placid guitar stylings but they also tear through death's valleys with some heavy headbanging moments. It sounds like this wizard got into some awesome shit and I really like the way Kurse recounts his righteous deeds! -Brandon

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