Friday, December 29, 2017

Slund- The Call of Agony/Brain Dysfunction (2017)

Not really sure why I didn't bother listening to this one earlier and giving it a review, but I have now after a long break of not writing, and I'm here to write about not one, but two Slund releases in one year! Slund are rooted in Sludge's hardcore influence, which they play to maximum effect throughout this release. There's an element of Grindcore involved as well, and that is definitely a shared result of them relishing in hardcore's influence on Sludge Doom. Imagine Eyehategod or even the Melvins in their Early Hardcore/Sludge years, and just making that even more intense, elimiating any sort of Sabbath influence, and adding nothing but hatred and misanthropic bleakness bathed in overdrive distorted feedback. Pacing between crawling cataclysms, midpace marches and punk beat melees,this is what you get with Slund, but even heavier. It's so fucking heavy and detuned. Plus there's nothing fuzzy or furry about their sound either. The strings (not sure the combination, all guitar, all bass, or both?) sounds like someone was feeding whale blubber to an old hand crank meat grinder and letting the rusty blades slowly chew away at the meat. I definitely regret not getting to this release sooner, and if you haven't listened to either, you should probably give this a listen. Did I fail to mention this is all a one man band? Fucking amazing!

Blistering blasts, detuned nasty sewage sounding riffs, and thick beefy bass heavy grooves; here's Slund's second release of the year! Continuing the onslaught of Grind/Sludge devastation, "Brain Dysfunction" sways back and forth between frantic mayhem and Doom Laden head bobbing riffage. It's the perfect blend of depraved madness, that combines the best elements of extreme music, making a melange of vile sounding pandemonium. This release is definitely more of companion piece to "The Call Of Agony". While both releases seem to walk the line between Grind and Sludge, this release definitely leans more to the Grindy side of things, whereas "Agony" had more straight forward Sludge. Doesn't matter though, because this shit rules! The strings are ultra fucking heavy, I have no fucking idea what this dude is tuned to. All I know is that when the slower sludgy parts come in, it sounds almost like a fucking bass. I mean it might as well be one. The vocals provide a constant stream of response like quips and remarks, spewing forth vicious ear piercing/world shattering screams. The drums on this are pretty mechanical and machine like in its precision, but there's no complaints here on my end. This shit is over and done with pretty quickly though, so prepare for repeated listens. In true Grindcore fashion the songs are very short, with the longest being a little more than two minutes, and the shortest being only a couple of seconds. This is incredible feat considering all of the memorable riffs packed into this monstrous sounding release. Highly recommended for sure! With two releases this year, I'm wondering if we'll see even more from Slund in 2018, considering the pace this dude is working at, churning out slabs of Sludge infused Grind. There needs to be more bands out there doing this kinda shit! Cheers! -Samir

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