Thursday, December 21, 2017

Weird Tales - Shiny Void EP (2017)

They've returned once more, drawing upon the strange and obscure to create something bleak - Weird Tales is back with their second EP "Shiny Void" and it delivers three tracks of desolate doom metal that might be even better than their last set. The band's first EP came out earlier this year and it hung low with a gloomy, detached apathy but on this one they've managed to muster up just a touch of energy in order to drive their dreary sound further than before. These songs are slow, lonesome trips through the abyss with a faint psychedelic vapor that passes straight through you and leaves you feeling hollow. Between the phaser effects and the somber echo of the vocals it's as though you're traveling through an empty world, resigned to your hopelessness. Then every once in a while the weight of the void becomes too much as something within you cracks - the song pace and the psychedelics pick up and it's like a piece of your mind crawls out of your head and manifests in a shape beyond your comprehension. But as soon as you understand what you're seeing it disappears and the solitude feels fresh again. Wandering through these wastelands is a melancholic experience, but these tunes are good enough to keep you coming back. It's great hearing more from these guys; I'm looking forward to the next one! -Brandon

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