Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Demon Head - The Resistance (2018)

Man, I love Demon Head. If you haven't heard these dudes yet, they're coming out of the wilds of Denmark playing diabolical doom rock and they're playing it clean - little to no fuzz found here. A year after their sophomore album "Thunder On The Fields", they're back with a new EP called "The Resistance" featuring two tracks of earthy magic. There's a sort of natural mysticism in everything these guys do and this EP is no exception! The first song on here is the title track with bass lines and guitar leads seem to take inspiration from early metal or even proto-metal, but put a gloomy twist on things while maintaining the band's pure tone. The more pensive moments serve to create a spark of fear and doubt, but then the song comes galloping back with an air of grim hope. The other tune on here is "Rivers Of Mars" which seems to bring just a touch of bayou flavor to Demon Head's sound. It's a bit brighter and more rock oriented, but the vocal tone casts a sinister shadow over the track. The vocals across both songs manage to hit this beautiful balance of deadpan and soulful with a subtle hint of Danzig - it's a unique voice that fits the band's style perfectly. This pair of tracks makes a great addition to the Demon Head discography, but with the short length it's got me hungry and wanting more! -Brandon

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